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Arresala or “the Message”, is the name that we did choose for this web site, that has as its main objective to spread the Islamic message of peace.

Our goal is to maintain a source of Islamic knowledge in the internet, and this will make us always select and prepare a huge quantity of information, that will be gradually published in our web site, everything to make the visitors able to get instructed about the several aspects of Islamic message.  We appreciate your visit and also participation in our interactive areas. 

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The Islamic Center in Brazil received at its headquarters in São Paulo, the former Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr Kamal Kharrazi.

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The Islamic Center in Brazil congratulates the Islamic nation by the arrival of the new year of 1435 of the Muslim Hejira. We wish all our brothers and sisters a new year filled with remembrance of God, good deeds and blessings. And with the arrival of the new year, we also have the beginning of Muharam, which marks the remembrance of Ashura, the sad martyrdom of the Lord of Martyrs, Hussein ibn Ali (AS).

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Information and schedule of the celebrations of Ashura (Martyrdom of Imam al-Hussein and his allies) held at Brazil. Beggining at the night of November 4ty, Ashura ceremonies will take place for ten consecutive nights, until the day of Ashura (14th November, Thursday), where the ceremonies will be in the morning. More ...

Right from the beginning, and in both the Holy Quran and the Prophet’s actions and sayings, Islam has given the mother a status higher than the father, as to loving or treating her with love.

The following is the full text of the message issued on September 13, 2012 by Ayatollah Khamenei to condemn an American-made film which insults the Holy Prophet of Islam. More...

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